Writing Updates

Want to keep up with my progress for The Elder Tales of Walendreni: The Elder Tree? Follow those here!

I’m taking a break from writing and going to catch up on my reading! Will start revising my novel in January.

Week 10: Made it to the 50,000-word mark! I’m realizing that I am about halfway through, and I’ve decided to take out some characters and change some plotlines. I will be moving those plotlines to Books 2 and 3!

Week 8: Yeah, I’m struggling a little bit this week.

Week 6: Struggling again. I wish I could step away for a bit, but I need to keep going!

Week 4: I struggled to stay motivated this week. I’m getting closer to the halfway point, though. Gotta keep going!

Week 2: I never thought I could have so much of an outline and be at this word count already. I’m starting to flesh out more chapters!

Week 1: Going strong! Even got over 5,000 words to start. I know where I want to go. Let’s see if I end up making it there or if my characters decide to go somewhere else.